How does it work?

is Abzorbit dangerous to inhale?

Abzorbit absorbs liquid and semi-liquids by a process known as encapsulation. This particular method of encapsulation turns any liquid into a solid. The microscopic sphere shape of Abzorbit provides a very efficient method of absorbing liquids.

There is no hazard from any inhalation that may occur when Abzorbit is used in an enclosed environment. However, the MSDS for Abzorbit recommends wearing a dust mask when using it in an enclosed environment, or when used outdoors for a long period of time.

is Abzorbit toxic?

is Abzorbit flammable?

Abzorbit is nonhazardous and nontoxic to humans, plants, and animals.

Abzorbit has no BTU value, but the liquids absorbed may be flammable.

is Abzorbit a carcinogen?

Are there any limitations?

Abzorbit is an amorphous silicate and is considered non-carcinogenic according to the IARC (Monogram-4). Clay Based absorbents (kitty litter) do contain crystalline dust (a carcinogen).

Abzorbit will absorb all liquids and semi-liquids with only one exception, HYDROFLUORIC ACID. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.

helpful hints

food substance

body fluids

Liquid or semi liquid: Abzorbit will absorb Karo Syrup, Jams/Jellies, Peanut Butter, Vegetable Oils, Egg, Mayonnaise, Soft Drinks/Juices etc.  Abzorbit will also remove the sticky residue left by these type foods, where paper towel or sponge will not remove the sticking residue without actually cleaning the area. For all spills containing glass from the broken container, apply Abzorbit and work your broom in a circular patter. Then sweep up the glass and the absorbed liquid at the same time. Eliminates having to remove the glass first.


Abzorbit works very fast on Bodily fluids as well as helps to diminish the odor normally associated with these. Vomit, Urine, Blood. Dispose of properly. Sanitize area with bleach after absorbing such a spill.


When cleaning up a paint spill, speed is most important. However, if the paint has begun to dry, use paint thinner for oil based and water for latex to re-wet the spill. Then follow the normal how to use instructions. A medium to stiff bristle broom is recommended for this application.

These products absorbed with Abzorbit will still be flammable. Abzorbit will decrease flammability immediately but not completely. It will also help diminish the odors.


Abzorbit is a non-selective absorbent, with only one exception. Do Not Use with Hydrofluoric Acid. Abzorbit will absorb herbicides, bases, alkaline, solvents, acids, and 99% of any other liquid or semi liquid you may encounter.


This may be multiple step process Remove what you can on the first application of Abzorbit. Then reapply and continue until grease is absorbed. If Abzorbit turns to a paste, remove top coat and reapply Abzorbit.  If Abzorbit turns to a paste, remove top coat and reapply Abzorbit. If spill is large the back of a garden rake or similar instrument may help cut into spill easier.

vehicle fluids


Follow standard instructions.

Abzorbit becomes saturated when you can no longer see any white powder. If Abzorbit turns to a paste, remove the top coat and reapply more Abzorbit.

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